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Dates to be announced shortly for the following cities, and more:
    New York, New York
    Billings, Montana
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Seattle, Washington
Sacremento, California


Dec 3rd, 2021 - IAIA (Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM
Starting at 3pm, both films will be shown twice with a break at 4:45 pm for a discussion with the director

    3:00 - 4:10pm     First Showing of Somebody's Daughter

    4:15 - 4:45pm       First Showing of Say Her Name

    4:45 - 5:15pm       Discussion with Rain 

    5:15  - 6:10pm      Second Showing of Somebody's Daughter

    6: 15 - 6:45pm      Second Showing of Say Her Name

heard museum logo.png

Dec 18th, 2021 - The Heard Museum, Phoenix, AZ
Starting at 5pm, both films will be shown with a discussion panel

    5pm       Reception

    5:30pm  Showing of Somebody's Daughter and Say Her Name

    Film Director, Rain, Representative Greg Stanton, and MMIW ambassadors from the region will form a discussion panel on the solutions to the crisis of MMIW in the State of Arizona

Coushatta Nation with Joy Harjo

"The first Indigenous person in history to be appointed Poet Laureate, Joy Harjo was later joined by Say Her Name director, Rain, for a spellbinding one-on-one session, that was as much a retrospective of Harjo’s brilliant literary career as it was an interview."
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Poet Laureate at Coushatta

Indigenous Peoples' Day in Albuquerque

The gathering on Civic Plaza was both a celebration and a call for action on behalf of Indigenous communities in New Mexico and across the country. Albuquerque honored Indigenous Peoples’ Day by remembering the lives of Indigenous women who have been murdered or gone missing. Both Somebody's Daughter and Say Her Name were shown on the giant jumbotron in the Plaza. 
ABQ - Indigenous Peoples Day

Gallup, New Mexico

In recognition of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives, the Gallup for Indigenous Justice and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives hosted an event on Nov. 5, 2021 at the El Morro Theater. The event featured screenings of Say Her Name and Somebody’s Daughter. The events were packed as locals came to hear speakers including Rain, filmmaker of Somebody’s Daughter, Genevieve Jackson, McKinley County Commissioner; Emily Ellison of Battered Families Services; Jock Soto, LGBTQI representative/NYC Ballet choreographer; Autumn Montoya, Miss Indian New Mexico; and Genevieve Chavez, First Nations.'

Addressing a common misconception, Rain noted that the crisis of missing and murdered Native Americans is not a new phenomenon. The filmmaker noted that when journalists ask him to detail the origins of the missing and murdered crisis, his answer always shocks them.

“You know they’ll say, ‘when did this begin?’ And they think you’ll say, ‘oh, the 1990s or the 2000s.’ No. This began from the first recorded European contact in 1492.”'

Gallup Independent Front Page

Dine College

Navajo Times
The second-ever MMIW/MMIP Tribunal in the US will be held on the Navajo Nation on May 5 & 6, 2022 at the Navajo Nation Museum. Represented by Katelyn Goes Ahead Pretty on its national billboard campaign, the Global Indigenous Council organized the first MMIW Tribunal that received testimony from Loxie Loring and was hosted by the Blackfeet Nation in October 2019.
Dine College
Gallup, NM

Dr. Phil Show

On Nov 30, 2021, 18 million viewers of the Dr Phil Show heard about the crisis of MMIW, many for the first time.
Dr Phil exclaimed in shock "There is an epidemic of missing women! If you are born an indigenous woman it's almost 100% likely that you are going to get preyed upon. "

See the show here

Guests for the show's episode entitled " MISSING AND MURDERED IN MONTANA " included Rain (film-maker), Loxie Loring (mother of missing Blackfeet teen Ashley Loring Heavy Runner) Katelyne Goes Ahead, face of the Somebody's Daughter Billboard Campaign, Juliet Hayes, presenter of Say Her Name, Nate and Paula Stops - parents of murdered Northern Cheyenne 14 year old Henny Scott. Belinda Bullshoe also travelled to the studios in California to help all of our guests through a tough and emotional few days of recording the show.

Pictured below is Loxie Loring on the beach, her daughter Ashley's name scraped into the sand next to her. Loxie had always promised Ashley they would go to the ocean together, and when Rain heard that Loxie had never even seen the sea, he made sure she didn't leave California until she had. 
Dr Phil
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