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"When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something, to say something. You have my full support for this very important film and effort."
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"A great work.” 
. Mayor Pete Buttigieg
"I am so thankful for all of the work done to impact the MMIW crisis. It is an unconscionable human rights emergency that we must work together to end. Increased awareness created by the film is an important component of driving action to protect Native women and families."
“A very powerful and important film for the world to see – equal parts beauty and tragedy, it reveals the horrific truths that are sure to ignite change.”
“After watching Somebody’s Daughter many thoughts fevered my brain for hours . . . the search for a solution begins with first knowing a crisis exists.”
“A heartbreaking portrayal of an underreported issue, “Somebody’s Daughter” focuses on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. The documentary confronts systemic racism, colonialism and genocide through the eyes of grieving and frustrated family members whose loved ones are MMIW victims. Viewers are left feeling a personal connection to an epidemic that deserves everyone’s attention.” 
"Very powerful . . .  With historical points of reference, the victims’ and their families’ stories are told through the lens of the legal jurisdictional maze and socio-economic bondage that constricts Indian Country."
"A powerful film."
"Somebody’s Daughter is both hauntingly beautiful and emotionally devastating and should be recognized as one of the most important documentaries made on not only MMIW, but also on Indian Country in the twenty-first century."
"The release of Somebody’s Daughter is one example of the public education needed on the MMIW crisis. The documentary provides a heart-wrenching insight into the tragedy. Somebody's Daughter increases awareness to create change." 
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"I watched Somebody’s Daughter with deep compassion for the missing, their families and for all Indigenous Peoples. As we were in a public space, tears rolled down my face, however, I wept silently for all the missing and murdered Indigenous Peoples, their families and for its injustice.  Rain is a powerful and sensitive filmmaker to the cause. He laid out the history and showed why the MMIW cases are essentially ignored by the law today. He’s a true storyteller. MMIW is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions and one that unfortunately continues."
"Somebody's Daughter does a very good job showing why this is such an urgent issue in Indian Country. It is a great film, done on a very personal level. The film captures the attention of everyone who watches it so they understand why this is such a serious issue not only for our Indian community, but for the whole country. The film explains where this began, that this is still going on, and the how and why it is still going on.
This is a tragic issue - and this is an extremely important film that must be seen."
"I deeply appreciated watching the film. It is very powerful and helps people understand at a very systemic level that these tragedies are not being investigated. When your Declaration of Independence calls Natives ‘savages’ and your Constitution never mentions women, don’t act surprised when your indigenous women go missing and no-one cares.  The stories that are told in this movie are powerful, without being hopeless. This is a foundational level issue, and I’m so glad that the movie is bringing attention and helping people understand how deeply systemic the problem is, and it’s bringing these very real stories out so the public can hear them, and can engage with them."
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