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Somebody's Daughter (1492 - )
Alter-Native Media

Somebody's Daughter (1492 - )

Joy Harjo, Juliet Hayes and Chairman David Sickey.jpg


Somebody’s Daughter focuses on some of the higher-profile MMIW cases, some of which were raised during the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs MMIW/MMIP hearing in December 2018.  With historical points of reference, the victims’ and their families’ stories are told through the lens of the legal jurisdictional maze and socio-economic bondage that constricts Indian Country.  For the first time on film, tribal leaders reveal the devastating roles of drug cartels and gangs in the MMIW crisis and the purpose of Somebody’s Daughter is to alert lawmakers and the public alike that the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women crisis exists and demands urgent action. 

Poet Laureate Joy Harjo, Juliet Hayes and Coushatta Chairman David Sickey

Please note: Rain has pledged that screenings of Somebody's Daughter should always be free to indigenous people. 
Accordingly, there are only two charges that we make for viewing Somebody's Daughter - one if you want to watch the film immediately on this site, or the minimal expenses we ask screeners to cover for getting a copy of the film to and from your community. 

Both are nominal charges and will help to ensure Rain is able to make the third film in the MMIWG trilogy in Puerto Rico, Ni Una Mas (Not One More)

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